Precision Agricultre

The potential to increase yields and reduce costs for farmers is self-evident provided that data can be analysed in a simple and cost-effective way by the average farmer.

Big data from ‘open data’ sources promises to open the way to precision agriculture, but how can small to medium-size farmers benefit?

Key considerations are:

  • cost-effective federation of proprietary or open farm data
  • overcoming system interoperability problems
  • security and meaningful reuse of data

Our goal

Allow farmers to obtain the answers they need through self-service federation of data.

Our Solution

IPSNP is ready to pilot this ground breaking new technology Hydra Ag Data with farmers and farm cooperatives worldwide.


Conduct year to year comparisons of date and time of sowing, soil type, elevation, weather conditions, seed dispersion and resulting yield per square metre at harvest.


Demo videos

Helping farmers make decisions

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3